Pharmacology is the branch of medicine concerned with the uses, effects and modes of action of drugs. It studies how different chemicals affect biological systems, and incorporates knowledge and skills from a number of basic science disciplines including physiology, biochemistry, and cellular and molecular biology.

The study of pharmacology originated from the practices of ancient apothecaries, who would prescribe remedies for ailments and then observe the effects on their patients.

As more medicines become available, pharmacology has become more important in determining the potential interactions caused by patients taking multiple prescribed, over-the-counter and even homeopathic medications. Whether these chemical agents are natural or synthetic, they can have physiological and behavioral effects on those that take them.

The study of pharmacology is important to medical support staff because it is essential in keeping a patient safe during treatment. At Living Arts College, pharmacology is a key focus of three of our programs:

Medical Assisting

Because a number of prescriptions may be administered to a given patient, it is essential for medical assistants to have an understanding of potential interactions, proper dosage and how the medicine might affect the patient.

Medical Billing and Coding

Accuracy is the key to a medical billing and coding specialist’s function for any medical provider. Not only is it essential that the provider is paid on time, it’s important that the electronic records of each patient are as accurate as possible to ensure proper administration of medication.

Medical Administration Specialist

A medical administration specialist has somewhat of a unique position because they do a little bit of everything in a medical practice. Because their function can include responsibilities associated with assisting and coding as well as patient interaction, it’s essential for them to have a basic understanding of pharmacology.

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